My World Changes


Erik Landvik - Life Coach Life coaching is a relatively new form of support and development. Through a process of inquiry clients discover possibilities and strength within themselves they often do not realize they have. The life coach helps the client discover and bring forward these newly discovered traits and helps the client use these newfound strengths to their best advantage. Not advice giving but a co-creative process that accesses the inner wisdom that we all have, the life coach allows the client to proceed as quickly and as deeply as they feel comfortable. The end result is that most clients feel empowered and energized to do what they've always wanted to do and be what they've always wanted to be.

Erik Landvik is a Professional Life Coach certified by the Center for Continuing Education with a special interest in Spiritual Development.

Erik grew up in Brazil and Minnesota, speaks fluent Portuguese and became interested in Life Coaching after working with a coach to make changes in his own life. He was educated in Minnesota at St. Olaf College, in Texas at Baylor University and in Colorado at the University of Colorado. He is a graduate of The Institute for Life Coach Training. He lives in Colorado with his wife and they have two daughters, two sons in law and six amazing grandchildren.

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